The Right Bed For Your Dogs

For most pet owners, the dog is one of the family. We gave them the right food, we take him to the vet every time he is sick, he accompanies us on hunting, walking, playing and even on our vacation, but one aspect that we often overlook is rest.

Dogs spend a lot of time lying down. In general, an adult sleeps around 13 hours, about 8 during the night and the rest distributed in small shorter day breaks.

Rest periods vary according to age and physical activity. Puppies, like babies, tend to sleep between 80 and 90% of the time. As they grow, the patterns change and the dog no longer needs so many hours of rest.

The dogs’ dream is different from that of humans. For a survival instinct, they spend less time than people in the REM phase (Rapid Eyes Movement) or deep sleep, as they need to be on alert to face possible threats. When entering REM, brain activity increases and many dogs make noises, move their eyelids or growl.

That is because they are dreaming and assimilating the experiences lived throughout the day.

Dogs are animals that seek contact with masters,  whenever they can, they prefer to rest by their side. But when the owner is not at home, the dog looks for a place to be comfortable and that is where his bed should be.

That location will depend a lot on the weather. In hot seasons, the dog will look for drafts or cool areas, where it will lie down to get calm.

But, undoubtedly, the favorite places for dogs are beds and sofas. If we do not want to find the sofa or the bedclothes full of hair, it is best to accustom the animal to sleep in its own mattress.

When choosing the right canine sleep products, it is important to know what your dog needs. You must consider their specific needs and evaluate materials as well as your budgets.

To start, you can choose between beds, mattresses, and sofas. Dog beds are usually padded on the inside and on the edges and can have different shapes: rectangular, oval or circular.

Some have a slit in the front so that the animal can easily enter and leave the space.

It is also important to know if the pieces can be drawn to be washed. Sometimes, the beds are compact and do not allow changing covers, which will complicate the task of washing.

Otherwise, the beds are perfect for rest because, when being padded, the dog always feels comfortable.

The mats are another simpler option for rest of the animal and, in addition, very practical because they weigh little, they are easily stored and most are removable.

And for the most comfortable, are the sofas for dogs, a real luxury that everyone would like to own.

The beds, mats, and sofas are made from different materials,  Cotton, fibers, nylon, polyester, plus there are even hypoallergenic fabrics that repel dust mites. Regarding the fillings, there are also different qualities.

To choose the most appropriate material, we must not lose sight of the question of cleanliness. It is always advisable to choose fabrics that can be washed easily.


Do not spend money on beds that are too big because most dogs tend to curl up at bedtime, especially in cold seasons.

How To Size Your Shoes Properly

good footwearIf you want to buy shoes without being able to try them (something that happens), it is good to have your measurements on hand to make sure you make the right choice.

Once you know them, making a mistake becomes almost impossible.

But first … the question that everyone asks: “What is the relationship between the size of the shoes and the size of my foot? They could not have used cms rather than odd sizes?! ”

Ah … that I can help you with!

In fact, the metric system did not exist when shoemakers started making shoes. They used the old systems, which equals 0.6cm … This way of measuring has spread all over Europe, with the exception of the United Kingdom and Italy, which use their own measurements.

And that has not changed since! But do not worry, I’ll show you how to get around this difficulty so you can order shoes without trying them, no matter what measure you use.

The length of the foot. It’s about measuring your foot, from the end of your heel to the end of your larger toe.

If you are alone, measuring your foot can be complex (and asking a friend to measure your foot can be a bit odd …).

There is a solution: measure with a sheet of paper and put your foot on it. Make a pencil mark at both measurement points. Then you take the average and you can move on to choosing a good pair of tough footwear.

Final thoughts

We hope that you learned how to size your footwear right. If you follow these tips then we are sure that you will do well.

Best Hunting Dogs

To go hunting and to have the ideal dog according to the game which one covets is a minimum. It is still necessary to differentiate the dogs according to their ability to track and their endurance to the task.

Choosing and respecting the needs of his current dogs is not a thin business.

Educating your dog when he is still a puppy is also teaching him the basics knowledge on how to go hunting with a dog?.

Running for Hunting

Whether large (big blue Gascony), medium size (Harrier, Griffon Nivernais) or small (Beagle, Basset Hound), all have in common the love of tracking and search of game.

Also, depending on whether you hunt hare or deer, each dog must be chosen according to its physical and sporting predispositions.

Thus, a small dog will be preferred to flush out small animals in their burrow, larger will have more ability to track long hours of larger prey.

We must, therefore, ensure that his diet helps him to hold on.


The training of the puppy must begin in his first months to develop all the necessary senses to become your best companion during hunting parties.

Thus, to develop his sense of research through play and teach him to channel his excitement during the discovery game are two of the main activities to make him assimilate.

By using fireworks, or even a leash to allow him to remain calm, the current dog, whatever his size, will thus reveal his instinctive and natural needs to flush out the game.

Breeds of Dogs used for Hunting

Stop dogs have this particular name because when they feel a game, they stop, pointing out their position where the game is and waiting for the order of their master to make him leave.

This very particular behavior has given them this name. These dogs are indispensable for hunting small game. Many hounds also know how to look for and bring back game. We find here different breeds of Setter, Spaniel’s Brace but also the Labrador and the Golden Retriever.

Dogs for the hunt, says the current dogs, stand out from others because of their constitution and the way they hunt.

Among the breeds of common dogs, the big game one finds, in particular, the big blue of Gascogne or the Poitevin. Among the breeds of common dogs the small and the medium game, we find the Beagle and different breeds of the Basset.

The dogs of red are the dogs used to find the big game wounded during hunting shooting. The two main breeds are the Hanover Red Dog and the Bavarian Red Dog. However, blood tests are most often performed with fully trained dogs. Thus, the dachshund is able to carry out this research.

Dogs called digging are used for hunting underground, to hunt badgers or foxes. The most famous breeds in this area are the Fox Terrier and the Dachshund. They are small dogs and very brave.

Is It Ok To Build a Table Yourself?

For a few years, my wife and I wanted a coffee table (square) but bigger than the one we bought when we moved in.

We wanted a table a bit like the ones that are sold at department stores and Ikea.

Having discovered a real passion for woodworking and carpentry, it was the opportunity to put into practice my knowledge acquired on the forums or through some YouTube vids.

Especially since I had never really worked on “massive” wood.
The oak is one of the wood species that we prefer, I took the first step .. to buy the basic material.

Right materials, Dimensions of the table were = 90x90x44cm.
I realized that I would need a lot of power tools, which was no problem. I have a good table saw already. For table saw guides visit The Saw Critic. If you’re ready to buy I would recommend the DeWalt DWE 7491RS, I’ve had this one for years.

So everything started with the purchase of planks planed at (200x18x2cm) in solid oak: I then cut them to spec and followed the instructions in the videos. 2 solid weeks later I had done it! Building a table yourself doesn’t have to be that hard, you just need to go at it all the way and watch some tutorials.

Types of Kitchen Sinks

As you know there are two types of kitchen sinks, normal and corner. Corner sinks are usually installed for practical and functional reasons, to maximize and take advantage of the space or when the kitchen design requires it for example, or sometimes to try to hide them as much as possible since the sink is one of the Uglier parts of the kitchen.

Undoubtedly, choosing a normal sink or a corner sink has to be a well thought out decision as its location will decisively influence how we develop later in the kitchen. For this reason, today we have decided to make an article in which we will try to disaggregate the advantages and disadvantages of installing a corner sink.

Advantages of installing a corner sink

For large kitchens. In a large kitchen, a corner sink is a good alternative since large kitchens usually have wide corners that are not usually used well. In addition to having more space, we can install a corner sink wider than normal and not suffer because of the little space that these usually offer us.

For small kitchens. In a small kitchen is also a great solution for when installing the sink in the corner we have more counter available to prepare food comfortably.

For aesthetics. I do not know if you have had the opportunity to see a kitchen of a friend or relative in which there is a corner washbasin, but if you have seen it, surely you have stayed a little with your mouth open. Corner sinks give us an unusual view and a very attractive unique design.

Disadvantages of installing a corner sink

Loss of natural light. Generally, kitchen sinks are located under a window to take advantage of the kitchen’s natural light. When installing a corner sink, this advantage disappears, and depending on where it is installed we should use more artificial light making the consumption of light is higher.

Reduced size. Unless we ask for a custom sink or find a line of them unusually large, corner sinks are smaller than usual to make them easier to install.

Loss of space in the lower furniture. Probably the bottom space in the corner where the sink is null. It can not be used for storage and there is surely no room for anything.

Greater difficulty in cleaning it. Corner sinks make the cleaning task a bit more complicated than normal. It is not a decisive factor or determinant, but something to be taken into account. It should be noted though that if you get a good kitchen faucet like this Delta one then you will have an easier time with this.