Is It Ok To Build a Table Yourself?

For a few years, my wife and I wanted a coffee table (square) but bigger than the one we bought when we moved in.

We wanted a table a bit like the ones that are sold at department stores and Ikea.

Having discovered a real passion for woodworking and carpentry, it was the opportunity to put into practice my knowledge acquired on the forums or through some YouTube vids.

Especially since I had never really worked on “massive” wood.
The oak is one of the wood species that we prefer, I took the first step .. to buy the basic material.

Right materials, Dimensions of the table were = 90x90x44cm.
I realized that I would need a lot of power tools, which was no problem. I have a good table saw already. For table saw guides visit The Saw Critic. If you’re ready to buy I would recommend the DeWalt DWE 7491RS, I’ve had this one for years.

So everything started with the purchase of planks planed at (200x18x2cm) in solid oak: I then cut them to spec and followed the instructions in the videos. 2 solid weeks later I had done it! Building a table yourself doesn’t have to be that hard, you just need to go at it all the way and watch some tutorials.