The Right Bed For Your Dogs

For most pet owners, the dog is one of the family. We gave them the right food, we take him to the vet every time he is sick, he accompanies us on vacation, but one aspect that we often overlook is rest.

Dogs spend a lot of time lying down. In general, an adult sleeps around 13 hours, about 8 during the night and the rest distributed in small shorter day breaks.

Rest periods vary according to age and physical activity. Puppies, like babies, tend to sleep between 80 and 90% of the time. As they grow, the patterns change and the dog no longer needs so many hours of rest.

The dogs’ dream is different from that of humans. For a survival instinct, they spend less time than people in the REM phase (Rapid Eyes Movement) or deep sleep, as they need to be on alert to face possible threats. When entering REM, brain activity increases and many dogs make noises, move their eyelids or growl.

That is because they are dreaming and assimilating the experiences lived throughout the day.

Dogs are animals that seek contact with masters,  whenever they can, they prefer to rest by their side. But when the owner is not at home, the dog looks for a place to be comfortable and that is where his bed should be.

That location will depend a lot on the weather. In hot seasons, the dog will look for drafts or cool areas, where it will lie down to get calm.

But, undoubtedly, the favorite places for dogs are beds and sofas. If we do not want to find the sofa or the bedclothes full of hair, it is best to accustom the animal to sleep in its own mattress.

When choosing the right canine sleep products, it is important to know what your dog needs. You must consider their specific needs and evaluate materials as well as your budgets.

To start, you can choose between beds, mattresses, and sofas. Dog beds are usually padded on the inside and on the edges and can have different shapes: rectangular, oval or circular.

Some have a slit in the front so that the animal can easily enter and leave the space.

It is also important to know if the pieces can be drawn to be washed. Sometimes, the beds are compact and do not allow changing covers, which will complicate the task of washing.

Otherwise, the beds are perfect for rest because, when being padded, the dog always feels comfortable.

The mats are another simpler option for rest of the animal and, in addition, very practical because they weigh little, they are easily stored and most are removable.

And for the most comfortable, are the sofas for dogs, a real luxury that everyone would like to own.

The beds, mats, and sofas are made from different materials,  Cotton, fibers, nylon, polyester, plus there are even hypoallergenic fabrics that repel dust mites. Regarding the fillings, there are also different qualities.

To choose the most appropriate material, we must not lose sight of the question of cleanliness. It is always advisable to choose fabrics that can be washed easily.


Do not spend money on beds that are too big because most dogs tend to curl up at bedtime, especially in cold seasons.