How To Size Your Shoes Properly

good footwearIf you want to buy shoes without being able to try them (something that happens), it is good to have your measurements on hand to make sure you make the right choice.

Once you know them, making a mistake becomes almost impossible.

But first … the question that everyone asks: “What is the relationship between the size of the shoes and the size of my foot? They could not have used cms rather than odd sizes?! ”

Ah … that I can help you with!

In fact, the metric system did not exist when shoemakers started making shoes. They used the old systems, which equals 0.6cm … This way of measuring has spread all over Europe, with the exception of the United Kingdom and Italy, which use their own measurements.

And that has not changed since! But do not worry, I’ll show you how to get around this difficulty so you can order shoes without trying them, no matter what measure you use.

The length of the foot. It’s about measuring your foot, from the end of your heel to the end of your larger toe.

If you are alone, measuring your foot can be complex (and asking a friend to measure your foot can be a bit odd …).

There is a solution: measure with a sheet of paper and put your foot on it. Make a pencil mark at both measurement points. Then you take the average and you can move on to choosing a good pair of tough footwear.

Final thoughts

We hope that you learned how to size your footwear right. If you follow these tips then we are sure that you will do well.