The Laziest Dog Breeds

The dogs and cats are mammals who sleep more hours, specifically the dog sleeps 12 hours a day at least, but among all races, some are more sleepers than others.

For our furry friend, sleeping is sacred and enjoyable, so we must respect it. They need a minimum rest so that they can have good health and well-being.

It is also possible that your dog sleeps a lot because of the boredom, so the owner must detect it and walk for longer or play with them.

List of the laziest dog breeds:

Saint Bernard:

This dog is so lazy , so he is all tenderness and is great with the children. But yes, he always prefers to be lying on the bed or floor or sleeping.

Great Dane:

This large dog is not characterized for large amounts of exercise, on the contrary, he prefers to be relaxed all day sleeping. But yes, he needs good daily walks to maintain a good state of health.


This dog is also large, and he is very affectionate, obedient, faithful and super lazy. Do not worry if you see him all day long while sleeping, he will be thrilled.

Pug or Carlin:

This little hairy is a great magnet of rest and the truth is that it can fall asleep in foot or lying down . In addition, this dog when sleeping, emits the popular snoring that to all of us is familiar.

Low Hound:

This dog is loving, and faithful but at the same time very lazy too. His favorite physical activity is sleeping. But be careful with this dog breed because these dogs tend to be obese and may be gaining weight if they do not do the necessary exercise.

Havanese Bichon:

This little hairy native of Cuba has a lot of devotion for walks, hiking, and long trips, but after a long walk, he also enjoys sleeping like a slacker.

English Greyhound:

We can be surprised, because we know that these dogs are the fastest in the world and professional runners, but also they like to rest and nap. When he does not do any physical activity, the greyhound is a real sleeper!

English bulldog:

It is very unusual to see photographs of this hairy one while sleeping and resting. He is sleep and rest personified, he loves this activity so pleasant as the most.

The truth is that these dogs spend about 90% of the time sleeping or resting, and you have to accept that it’s normal and something they need it to keep themselves healthy and strong.