Types of Kitchen Sinks

As you know there are two types of kitchen sinks, normal and corner. Corner sinks are usually installed for practical and functional reasons, to maximize and take advantage of the space or when the kitchen design requires it for example, or sometimes to try to hide them as much as possible since the sink is one of the Uglier parts of the kitchen.

Undoubtedly, choosing a normal sink or a corner sink has to be a well thought out decision as its location will decisively influence how we develop later in the kitchen. For this reason, today we have decided to make an article in which we will try to disaggregate the advantages and disadvantages of installing a corner sink.

Advantages of installing a corner sink

For large kitchens. In a large kitchen, a corner sink is a good alternative since large kitchens usually have wide corners that are not usually used well. In addition to having more space, we can install a corner sink wider than normal and not suffer because of the little space that these usually offer us.

For small kitchens. In a small kitchen is also a great solution for when installing the sink in the corner we have more counter available to prepare food comfortably.

For aesthetics. I do not know if you have had the opportunity to see a kitchen of a friend or relative in which there is a corner washbasin, but if you have seen it, surely you have stayed a little with your mouth open. Corner sinks give us an unusual view and a very attractive unique design.

Disadvantages of installing a corner sink

Loss of natural light. Generally, kitchen sinks are located under a window to take advantage of the kitchen’s natural light. When installing a corner sink, this advantage disappears, and depending on where it is installed we should use more artificial light making the consumption of light is higher.

Reduced size. Unless we ask for a custom sink or find a line of them unusually large, corner sinks are smaller than usual to make them easier to install.

Loss of space in the lower furniture. Probably the bottom space in the corner where the sink is null. It can not be used for storage and there is surely no room for anything.

Greater difficulty in cleaning it. Corner sinks make the cleaning task a bit more complicated than normal. It is not a decisive factor or determinant, but something to be taken into account. It should be noted though that if you get a good kitchen faucet like this Delta one then you will have an easier time with this.